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Are you hearing clicking noises when you turn the key in the ignition of your Nissan model? Are the interior lights in your Nissan model growing dimmer and dimmer each day? Have you seen the battery warning light up on your dashboard? These are all indicators that the battery in your Nissan model is running low on power or is about to die. If that is the case, then you should schedule a service appointment at Preston Nissan, your local Nissan Annapolis dealer. Factors such as harsh temperatures, vibration, or poor maintenance can adversely affect the performance of your battery. Our expert service technicians will be sure to examine it, bring it back to full charge, and even replace it with a fresh OEM-certified one. Bring your Nissan model to your Nissan Dover DE destination and let us get you the power that you deserve.

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Not only can you get your battery issues fixed at Preston Nissan, but you can also take advantage of our service specials. These include $20 off OEM-certified batteries*. Our experienced service department wants to make sure your battery is capable of powering your driving adventures for many more miles to come. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a service appointment at your Nissan Annapolis dealer and get your battery operating at peak performance today!

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