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Nissan knows that rear end collisions are the most common type of traffic accidents, so they have implemented Intelligent Brake Assist to their vehicles in an effort to prevent these type of collisions. The Intelligent Brake Assist uses laser radar sensors to detect the distance between you and a vehicle in front of you, along with the relative velocity. If it is needed, your vehicle will activate the brakes in an effort to prevent a collision from happening. This system also works cohesively with the brake-operated pre-crash seat belts in an attempt to mitigate injury if the crash cannot be avoided.

nissan salisbury mdIf there is a risk of a crash with the vehicle in front of you, the driver must act immediately to try to avoid it. The system aids in this process by sounding a warning in an effort to alert the driver. If a crash cannot be avoided, the system will activate your brakes to help reduce the injuries caused by this collision. If the system judges that emergency braking is necessary based on the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and the velocity at which you’re traveling, then the system will reduce the play in the braking system in order to improve the responsiveness of those brakes. Come into Preston Nissan, your home for a new Nissan near Salisbury MD, and test drive one of the models outfitted with Nissan Intelligent Brake Assist and see how it can bring you complete peace of mind knowing your family is safe within the cabin of your Nissan in Preston.

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