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Nissan Salisbury MD

Nissan is taking the appropriate measures in order to reduce the number of fatal and serious pedestrian accidents that involve their models. Nissan has been developing technology with this goal in mind for years, and Preston Nissan, your home for your new Nissan near Salisbury MD, is proud to say that we have an inventory that works to protect pedestrians at all times. Vehicle parts that might come in contact with a pedestrian during a collision are expertly crafted to deform and/or break away in an effort to better distribute the impact energy absorption. The designs of these vehicles are riddled with impact-absorbing features such as the hinge and cowl structures. These models even feature wipers that will break away in case of a strong impact, along with an impact-absorbing fender and break-away headlamp structure.

Nissan models also have a pop up engine hood for pedestrian protection. If the vehicle senses that you’ve struck a pedestrian, the explosive actuator pops the hood up to so there is a barrier of space between the hood and the engine, allowing the hood some give during the impact process. Come to your home for Nissan models in Preston, Preston Nissan, and check out all the models we have to offer that are outfitted with the pedestrian protection system. If you are worried about your safety and the safety of those around you, come into Preston Nissan today and get into the driver’s seat of the Nissan you need.

Nissan Salisbury MD

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