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Li-ion Batteries

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Our team at Preston Nissan, your Nissan dealer near Salisbury MD, believes a crucial part of the automotive world’s future is the engineering of hybrid cars. Hybrid vehicles have an electric motor and a gasoline engine; both of which are able to keep your Nissan in Preston going for many miles. One of the biggest components for your Nissan hybrid’s electric engine is its lithium-ion (li-ion) battery, able to improve your acceleration and fuel efficiency. Here at Preston Nissan, your Nissan Preston destination, we want our customers to know exactly what their li-ion battery can do as they take their Nissan in Preston on all sorts of adventures.

Thanks to the power stored within your li-ion battery, your Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid or Nissan Rogue Hybrid can operate on sheer electricity. As the output of your battery increases, so does the driving force of your motor to give you higher levels of acceleration and responsiveness. The regenerative brakes on your hybrid also recover braking energy and transform it into electrical energy, making it possible to store more power inside your battery.

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The li-ion battery will reduce the amount of effort it will take your engine to generate electricity so you can travel for longer periods of time. It will continuously emit and store large amounts of energy while your Nissan in Preston accelerates or decelerates, so remember to keep cooling performance in mind. Plus, having a li-ion battery is relatively inexpensive and definitely will help save you money down the road.

Our staff at Preston Nissan, your Nissan dealer near Salisbury MD, will be happy to talk with you about the benefits of li-ion batteries and show you our inventory of Nissan hybrid models. Stop in and see us today!

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Li-ion batteries