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Here at Preston Nissan, your Nissan Annapolis destination, we want our customers to know about how beneficial the ProPILOT Park feature will be to their driving life. The ProPILOT Park feature assists you when you find yourself trying to park in a tight or tricky spot by taking care of your steering, accelerator, brakes, gear shift and even the parking brake. You will be able to take on narrow spots at your favorite restaurant or even parallel park in the busy city, thanks to the convenience of ProPILOT Park. Our staff at Preston Nissan, your Nissan Dover DE destination, thinks that our customers will enjoy using the ProPILOT Park in their everyday travels.

Nissan Dover DE

How ProPILOT Park Works

Available on certain Nissan models, ProPILOT Park will be ready to activate when you are ready to park. All you have to do is press the ProPILOT Park button once after you have approached the spot you want to park in. Your Nissan model will automatically detect the space in front of it and will alert you that your system is active via a “P” icon on your navigation display. You then press “Start Park” on your navigation monitor, hold down the ProPILOT Park button and your Nissan will control your system’s functions until it safely is in the spot. Once you are parked, the ProPILOT Park automatically will engage your electronic parking brake and shift your transmission to the “P” position.

Our team at Preston Nissan, your Nissan Annapolis destination, cannot wait to tell you more about the ProPILOT Park feature, what Nissan models have it and how it will make parking a stress-free process. Visit us and learn more today!

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Nissan Dover DE